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Oct. 27th, 2004 @ 01:06 pm The Starbucks Controversy
In reply to a request from troops for a coffee donation:

Starbucks wrote a letter expressing their "support" for the troops. However, they can only donate to 501(c) charities, such as schools and libraries. The soldier who wrote about the initial complaint retracted his statement and apologized.

Here's the problem:

501(c) charities include the military. In fact, the military is specifically listed as a type of charity. Starbucks could still donate and receive tax breaks. Furthermore, they claim that "partners" have sent coffee to the troops. What really happens is that they give employees "free" coffee, as part of their compensation, and some of these good people send it overseas. Starbucks is taking credit for these acts of kindness while actually having nothing to do with it. I am more convinced than ever that we have a good
cause here.

Here's the bottom line: Starbucks has no problem earning revenues nearing 1 billion dollars annually while under the umbrella of freedom and protection that our soldiers provide with their blood and sacrifice. Yet, when the troops come calling for a favor, Starbucks not only is nowhere to be found, they lie to the troops and claim that the law prevents them from helping.
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