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Sep. 28th, 2004 @ 10:42 pm Minutes
Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The meeting began at 2:31 PM.

Members Present:
Justin Scott
Michael Sandone
Tim Zelgert
Brad Weber
Caroline Deters
Loren Mogler
Lisa Baer

The first order of business that we discussed today was clarification of membership dues. In last Tuesdays minutes, a $5.00 membership fee was mentioned, however, after some lingering confusion we endeavored to clear up any misunderstandings. In order to become a voting member of the Parkland College Republicans, one must pay the $5.00 membership fee. Members who do not pay the due will not have voting privileges.

We next discussed our groups willingness to participate and/or assist in the local campaign efforts for our candidates. The idea of contacting the registered Republicans in Champaign County to encourage them to vote on Election Day was also broached. For more information about that, members are encouraged to contact our Vice-Chairman, Michael Sandone (mjsandone@netscape.net). A related item of business concerned the possibility of approaching local candidates for donations to our organization, and in return for donations, those candidates would receive first consideration from us if campaign assistance was required.

Most of our meeting then centered on what we were going to do to get our name out in the public awareness and what sort of fundraising we would do. We talked about what we could do to support any student candidates for the spring elections for student government and we encourage any members who are interested, to run for these positions in the spring. Wed like our groups voice to be heard. An issue that can be used as a platform is freedom of speech on campus. We even looked into the possibility of organizing a debate between any of our candidates and other willing candidates before campus election day.

The "Light the Night" Walk is this Saturday from 5:30 to 9:00 PM at West Side Park. Please keep in touch with any of the officers to let us know how you're getting along with the fundraising. You can contact our Chairman, Justin Scott, at jmscott74@mchsi.com, our Vice-Chairman, Michael Sandone, at mjsandone@netscape.net, our Treasurer Tim Zelgert at tzelgert@stu.parkland.edu, our Volunteer Coordinator, Brad Weber, at brandandmalisa@yahoo.com, or myself at gospozha_dmitriev@yahoo.com. We began looking ahead to our next community support event and the idea of collecting CDs and DVDs to send to the troops in Iraq was brought forth as was the idea of staying more local and helping with the Toys for Tots or Operation Sleigh bell toy drives. We are still looking for member input about these ideas.

Our final order of business concerned fundraising efforts and several ideas that were put forth included making T-shirts and selling them, selling caramel apples, and possibly tailgating at UofI games either to raise community awareness of our group or to raise funds. If you have any further ideas about fundraising, please contact our treasurer, Tim Zelgert (tzelgert@stu.parkland.edu).

The meeting concluded at 3:31 PM.
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